Globalization of food: pizza’s journey

When I think of American food, one of the things that come to mind is pizza.  Pizza was first introduced to Americans by the Italian immigrant, Gennaro Lombardi at 1905, and now it became an ordinary food for Americans.

Then, when and where pizza originate? and How pizza can gain global popularity?



Many people believe that Italians invented pizza, however, its origin was actually started from ancient cities in Europe. Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptians and other ancient cultures made dishes using flat bread. They put some topping on the flat bread and ate it. Scholars say that this would be the root of pizza. However, tomatoes and cheese known as basic ingredients for pizza are not used in the era.

The use of tomatoes as  food ingredients in Europe was quite late than other culture because European believed that tomatoes were poisonous. However, However, by the late 18th century, the poor of the area around Naples started to add tomatoes to their yeast-based flat bread and topped some ingredient on it. .This became the first pizza which is a similar form of today. After pizza gained fame in Europe, the Italian immigrant, Gennaro Lombardi introduced it to New York. And pizza became an ordinary food for Americans.

Not only to Americans, now people around the world enjoy pizza. One of the keys to pizza’s international popularity is that individuals can make their own pizza by choosing various toppings. In Japan, there is a seaweed topped pizza, in Korea, they put smashed sweet potatoes as a topping for pizza, and Turkish toppes lamb meat on pizza. Besides these countries,  each country makes pizzas reflecting their own culture.


With globalization, the present generation can taste exotic food without visiting the country. However, I think it would be a special experience if I visit a state and eat a specialized food in there like this guy.


2 thoughts on “Globalization of food: pizza’s journey

  1. Great topic (oops, almost said “topping” there!) Most of America’s favorite foods — pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers, tacos, sushi — come from somewhere else, reflecting its multicultural roots. Now I’m hungry, and I know what I’ll be having for lunch!


  2. My sister and I just talked about how we were tired of eating pizza. But after reading your blog, I wouldn’t mind trying some pizza specialized by other cultures. I love seaweed and sweet potatoes! Lol. Very interesting read!


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